multimedia producer

Lauren Kirby
Multimedia Producer
As a multimedia producer, I aim to tell a good story using all the bells and whistles at my digital disposal. My narrative practice is rooted in the belief that a properly told story will not only amuse and delight, but can also make us feel more human and less alone. My interview subjects have run the gamut from factory workers in India to a couple in Freeport, Maine struggling with a husband’s decision to become a woman. I collaborate with artists of all types including photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, musicians, and writers. I'm a graduate of The University of Kansas and The Salt Institute of Documentary Studies; my documentary and editorial works have aired on The World from Public Radio International, Weekend America from American Public Media, Voice of America, Making Contact, and various Public Radio programs in Seattle, Chicago, Maine, Indiana, Illinois, and Kentucky. I aspires to remain open to the unexpected adventures life presents, producing multimedia pieces that reflect the beauty, humor, and challenge inherent in doing so. I live in Kansas City, Missouri.
Kansas City, MO